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you only live once

make it epic

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The One, The Only, 

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If you could only keep one vodka at your bar, what would it be? Smooth, check. Classic, yes. Mixes well—a must. That’s Epic.

A thoroughly modern, imported vodka with a mix-ability that more than earns its place as the timeless classic and go-to spirit of the bar. 

It’s the cleanest tasting vodka you can find, and at a value that’s hard to match, Epic is vodka meant for sharing and enjoying—any way you like it.



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An Exceptional Vodka, Worthy of Its Epic Name

The French are known for making some of the finest vodkas in the world. By using the best grains and a 3X distillation process, Epic Vodka embodies this French tradition of uncompromised ingredients and artisan technique.

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You only live once

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You Need A Vodka That Works Hard And Plays Hard.

The week is over, the night is young, and the party is on. You’ve earned this moment with your closest friends and it’s up to you to choose how to spend it. 

Make every gathering you’ve worked so hard to enjoy one that you’ll all remember with vodka that tastes great straight, on the rocks and in cocktails. Ready to take center stage in a beautiful bottle that commands attention, any way you choose to enjoy it, Epic will always be epic.


the epic


Whether you like to experiment with scratch ingredients or you’re a dry martini stickler, with Epic Vodka, you’ve met your match.  Make Epic the MVP of your mixology repertoire—clean and smooth, it mixes well, so you can show off your behind-the-bar skills with a prowess that satisfies everyone’s taste

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